Digital invoices

Dear customer,

The different Belgian publishers united in the non-profit organisation Medibel+ have developed a platform to send digital invoices to your mailbox online.

Today, de Persgroep Advertising has already launched the digital platform. Other publishers will join the initiative later on (see logos participating publishers at the bottom).

We hope to offer you an effective tool with this new digital platform to further optimize our collaboration.

Benefits of digital invoicing

  • Invoicing via mail is quicker, more secure, more durable and more profitable
  • You can also consult the invoice via the Medibel+ portal
  • Digital invoices are kept in a digital archive for 7 years.
  • Aside from the digital invoices, you can also find an overview of all digital tearsheets of the most important publishers/services on the platform.

You can automatize your invoicing by way of digital invoices. Aside from a PDF, we will also upload a standard .xml document on the portal. You can convert that format to your internal format, so that you can have your accounting department automatically scan our invoices.
Should you have any questions regarding this new platform, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on our website.