Overprint verification

Overprint Verification

Global Graphics (globalgraphics.com) has released a simple-to-use overprint control strip for checking that color proofs made from files transmitted as PDF/X Plus have rendered correctly. Global Graphics was kind enough to allow Medibel+ (via the Ghent PDF Workgroup) to make the overprint control strip available free of charge from its web site as well.

Medibel+ advises you to use this overprint control strip ; which means you can use the Global Graphics control strip to verify overprint is handled correctly whenever you view or proof files. If the proof was made correctly or with overprint, there shouldn’t appear any ‘X’ in this strip. If this is the case, the proof was made without overprint and the receiver can take this into account.

Depending on where you are in the workflow and how your workflow is setup, you can add the control strip to your files in your design application or to an existing PDF file.

To add the control strip using:

A design application (such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress) Download the EPS version of the control strip and place it outside the trim and bleed area and clear from any other printer marks on the page.

    Click here to download the control strip (eps) Click here to download the documentation (pdf)

An Enfocus application : Enfocus Software has created an Action List that adds the Global Graphics overprint control strip to a PDF file in any Enfocus application. Download links for the Action List and documentation on how to use the Action List available below.

    Click here to download the Action List for Windows Click here to download the Action List for Mac Click here to download the documentation (pdf)